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Hotel Cassia area

The Via Cassia is one of Rome’s consular roads, and one of the most important both in the history of the capital and still today. The Via Cassia is different from the other consular roads because it is the only one to start at the Ponte Milvio bridge and not from the Campidoglio. It was probably dedicated to Cassius Longinus, who was a censor in 154 B.C. and was built by joining some old Etruscan roads in this part of the city which was rapidly expanding.

Today the Cassia area has many large parks which are green lungs for the city of Rome, as well as villas and nature reserves and the Parco di Veio archaeological site which is an important historical and nature park.   

The are also many restaurants and discotheques, both in the more built-up part around the Ponte Milvio bridge and in the outlying areas, which are very popular with those who love the Roman movida.   

The Cassia  is also a very popular residential area and many of the residents are VIPS and public figures who love its tranquillity, the green areas and the handsome villas which, although outside the city proper, are well linked to the main parts of the city.    

Staying in hotels in the Cassia is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to see the best of Rome.   

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