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Hotel Ponte Milvio area

Some of Rome’s most popular bars and restaurants for Rome’s night life are around the Ponte Milvio bridge. At any time of day you will find tourists looking for the best views of the river Tiber for that all-important souvenir photo of this ancient Roman bridge,  and you will also see many locals who enjoy this part of their splendid city, sipping a drink at cocktail time or on a balmy Roman night.     

Street artists, photographers and the many romantic couples who come here to put a padlock on one of the lamp-posts which were immortalized in the novel “Three Metres from the Sky,” make this a fun area to visit at any time of day.   

There are many eateries and the bar as well as discobars in the area.  Choosing a hotel in the Ponte Milvio area means you will find yourself right in the centre of Rome’s most vibrant scene and also in an area of striking architectonic and artistic interest.   The Hotel Villa Maria Regina is really close to the  Ponte Milvio area and can be reached both on foot or by using public transport. 

Hotel Villa Maria Regina - Via della Camilluccia, 687 - 00135 Rome (Italy)
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