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Hotel Villa Madama Rome

Rome’s district known as Monte Mario gets it name from Rome’s highest hill, to the north of the city along the Via Trionfale.

From Monte Mario there are spectacular views over the city of Rome and it is a popular, tranquil and peaceful residential district close to the centre of the city.

Villa Madama, an admirable example of a Renaissance villa, designed by Raphael and commissioned by Cardinal Giuliano De' Medici which was left incomplete when the artist died, is on the side of the Monte Mario hill, in a splendid park.  It belonged to the Medicis and down the years has played a major role in Rome’s and Italy’s history,  and in historic events like the Sack of Rome.
Today Villa Madama is one of Rome’s parks and a popular place in which to spend leisure time and to relax in the cool park with its lovely views over the city’s architecture and many green areas.  The park and the villa are also used for cultural and artistic events and it is also possible to take guided tours of the residence and the park.   

Choosing a hotel in the Monte Mario and Villa Madama  district is an excellent choice for anyone visiting Rome and staying in the city for work or for leisure, because it  means staying in one of the city’s greenest areas with lovely views of Rome and its important artistic monuments, and it is easy to get from it to every part of the city.

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