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Hotel for conferences in Rome

 There are various reasons why meetings and conferences in Rome, with delegates coming from all over the world, are often organized in the area of the Olympic Stadium and the Camilluccia. This area is well linked to the centre of the city and its main attractions. And it is also one of the capital’s most tranquil areas with many parks and green areas which are popular for relaxing during breaks in the conference and meeting sessions.

The Hotel Villa Maria Regina is the perfect location for conferences, meetings and conventions.  The large rooms with natural light and video projectors, screens and amplifiers, have seating for 400 people theatre style, with single tables, working desks for workshops or large tables horse-shoe style for cocktails.  The fact that the highway is close by and that the Villa Maria Regina has shuttle services make this the perfect location, logistically speaking, for meetings and conferences.  
Walks in nearby parks as well as banquets and welcome cocktails can also be organised in these parks, and the time between working sessions can be enjoyed visiting Rome’s monuments which are easy to reach by public transport or by car.   And staying in a tranquil and quiet area also means having time to concentrate on work as these kinds of international events can often be very demanding. The nearby highway also means that those who do not know the city can easily get to this area and also to other parts of Rome.

And then, this area is spacious and the facilities that host these congresses, many of which are for large numbers of delegates, have conference rooms which are bright and have all the equipment needed, even for more complex events.     

Hotel Villa Maria Regina - Via della Camilluccia, 687 - 00135 Rome (Italy)
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