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Hotels near St. Peter’s Vatican area and Trastevere

St. Peter’s and the Vatican State are two of the main attractions for Italian and international visitors who choose Rome.   

Choosing one of the hotels from which it is easy to get to St. Peter’s and the Vatican Museum, like our Hotel  Villa Maria Regina, is an excellent choice even for those who are on a short visit to the capital and do not want to miss visiting this monumental artistic complex.  

The Vatican is not just an important cultural, artistic and religious institution but also the symbol of the history and culture of mankind.  Visitors come to admire Bernini’s colonnade and, even if they do not identify with the spirituality of Catholicism, they want to experience the presence of the Pope, a personage of great spiritual and cultural depth, and many of them flock to the square to see him when he makes his weekly appearances at his window.  Choose Hotel Villa Maria Regina: hotel near St. Peter’s Vatican area.

There are so many masterpieces in the Vatican Museum that no visitor who comes to Rome can resist their appeal. And one of its greatest treasures is the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s  monumental fresco of The Last Judgement., which is extraordinarily beautiful and one of the world’s greatest art works.  But the Museum has many other wonderful pieces that are worth spending time  discovering; in order to avoid the long lines of visitors it is advisable to book online.

Hotel Villa Maria Regina is also close to Trastevere district, choose the right offer for you!


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