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Hotels for visiting Rome

Over 10 million tourists come to Rome from all over the world every year, attracted to the Eternal City for its art and its architecture but also for its food and its style of life. You can find many hotels to visit Rome.

The way they visit Rome and the time they spend here differ a lot, with some who want to spend as much time as possible discovering the city’s cultural heritage, while others want to take advantage of a short or a long weekend to discover what to do in Rome in order to get the most out of its stunning beauty.      

So whether it be for a quick weekend or a longer Roman holiday the Villa Regina is the perfect choice of hotel for enjoying Rome, and one of the best hotels for visiting it comfortably without having to stay in the centre of the city which is always crowded.    

Perfectly linked with the main roads like the Via Cassia, the Ring Road and the Bypass, it only takes a few minutes to get to the main tourist attractions.  And then, surrounded by parks and handsome residences, this area of the city is the ideal choice for those who enjoy taking walks in  quiet green areas.    

Hotel Villa Maria Regina - Via della Camilluccia, 687 - 00135 Rome (Italy)
Phone +39 06.3629071 Fax +39 06.36308225