The Gym

Villa Maria Regina Hotel offers an equipped and modern gym where you can train in complete tranquility. 
The equipment is of the latest generation and its variety allows you to perform a complete workout.

Unica offers you more than 25 different exercises to increase the strength and tone of the whole body.
Cyclette with screen
Infinite variety of training combined with the beautiful scenarios of the outdoor courses.
Tapis Roulant
Advanced technologies adaptable to everyone’s needs.
Adjustable bench
Essetential and compact for training specifically with barbells and dumbbells.
Train your muscles more precisely and effectively.
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The gym is free of charge for some kinds of rooms while a fee is required for others. At the time of booking it is suggested to request for more information about the gym timetable, the fee applied and the methods of access and use.
The gym also includes a massage room which can be used upon reservation. 

The cost of the service depends on the type of massage requested.