Six Nations Rugby: where to stay in Rome

where to stay near Stadio Olimpico

Attending the Six Nations Rugby is exciting: in Rome it becomes even more so. Here’s where to stay in Rome near the Olympic Stadium to watch the matches:

  • 02.03.24 – 3.15pm Italy vs England
  • 9.03.24 – 3.15pm Italy v Scotland

Six Nations Rugby: History, Tradition and Passion

The Six Nations Rugby is one of the most prestigious and followed rugby tournaments in the world, a true annual ritual that sees the most highly rated European national teams compete in a series of adrenaline-filled matches. This competition, rich in history and emotion, has deep roots dating back to the Victorian era and has seen the evolution of the game over the course of over a century.

The tournament sees the participation of six European nations:

  1. England: Among the most successful teams, it has a long rugby tradition and an always competitive roster.
  2. France: With an often elegant and unpredictable style of play, Les Bleus are always a threat to their opponents.
  3. Ireland: With a deep rugby culture and an unstoppable passion, the Irish are always among the favourites.
  4. Scotland: With notable growth in recent years, the Scots are known for their fast and dynamic game.
  5. Wales: Known for their choral anthem and deep rugby tradition, the Cockerels are always a force to be reckoned with.
  6. Italy: Italy have earned their place in the Six Nations and, despite often being considered the underdog, have shown they can create surprises and have an indomitable heart and passion.

The Six Nations Rugby

The Six Nations Rugby takes place every year between February and March. Each team meets all the others only once during the competition, alternating home and away matches. Each win is awarded 2 points, while a draw is worth 1 point. At the end of the five days of play, the team with the highest number of points wins the title of Six Nations Champion.

The tournament has origins dating back to 1883, when the England national rugby team invited the national teams of Wales, Scotland and Ireland to a friendly competition. Over the years, the competition has undergone several transformations, but has always maintained its spirit of healthy rivalry and high-level competition.

For over a century, the Six Nations has provided unforgettable moments, from last-minute free kicks to surprising turns of play, becoming an unmissable event for rugby fans around the world.

It is not just a sporting competition, but a symbol of tradition, passion and national pride. Every year, millions of people gather in front of televisions, stadiums or in local pubs to cheer on their teams and experience the thrill of one of the most fascinating and exciting rugby tournaments in the world.

Where to stay in Rome near the Olympic Stadium

Rome, the eternal city, is not only a place of history and culture but also a capital that beats to the rhythm of sport. And there is no sporting event more exciting and compelling than the Six Nations. This year Italy will host two matches at the legendary Olympic Stadium and what could be better than a stay that combines the excitement of rugby with the tranquility of a hotel surrounded by greenery?

The Hotel Villa Maria Regina is the ideal choice for a weekend of sport and relaxation.

Located a few steps from the Olympic Stadium, Hotel Villa Maria Regina presents itself as a hidden jewel, surrounded by lush gardens and peaceful walks. Here, you can retreat from the frenzy of the city, but remain comfortably close to the beating heart of sport in Rome.

At the Hotel Villa Maria Regina, the customer experience is at the center of everything.

Our elegant and well-furnished rooms offer all modern comforts, guaranteeing a restful rest before and after the big Rugby match at the Olympic Stadium. And if you want to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation, why not take advantage of a massage or enjoy a cocktail in our garden?

Hotel in Rome for Rugby Fans

On the occasion of the Six Nations, the Hotel Villa Maria Regina has prepared exclusive promos for guests who book their stay directly on our website or by telephone with our staff. We will make sure your weekend is full of enthusiasm and fun.

In addition to rugby, Rome offers a myriad of unique experiences. Stroll along the historic cobbled streets then immerse yourself in the richness of art and architecture or simply enjoy the delicious Roman cuisine. With Hotel Villa Maria Regina as your base, you will have everything at your fingertips.

Six Nations Rugby matches are always events not to be missed, and with the Hotel Villa Maria Regina, you will have the perfect combination of sport, comfort and beauty. Don’t wait until the last minute; book now and guarantee yourself an unforgettable weekend in Rome that will become part of your next sporting memory.

Special Offer for Six Nations Rugby

Hotel Villa Maria Regina is really close to Stadio Olimpico and it’s the perfect place for those are looking for accomodation during Six Nations Rugby Matches. Our Special offer: 10% off on all our rooms and it includes a free beer happy hour, the intercontinental breakfast, just 5 minutes from the Stadio Olimpico!

The offer is valid one week before and after Six Nations Rugby matches in Rome: 3 February and 9 March 2024!

How to book Special Offer for Six Nations Rugby

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